© Wolfgang Wiesner
BLUEPRINT magazine 2006

El Vientre
Del Minotauro

The Belly of

el país de los muertos
the dominion of death
Paul Charmillat
en el laberinto
del Minotauro -
lost in the belly
of Minotaurus
Ésa es la gehena que los
pecadores desmentian !
هــذه جــهــنــم التي
يكذب بها المجرمون

This is Gehenna (Hell)
that the guilty used to
deny. [ Coran 55:43 ]
This is the story of Paul Charmillat who reaches his final station
in the sewers, ready to die. But is he still alive ? And what is the
meaning of his strange visitor and the people he meets in the
abyss of his delirium ? When he finally recognizes the truth of
his worthless existence, it is too late as usual !

Voyage to Hell

This is the reconstruction of
a comic, created by the Spa-
nish artist Miqué Beltran and
published in the weekend edi-
tion of EL PAIS, Madrid, in the
1980s. There it came to my
attention and I tried to get my
hands on the complete edi-
tion. As Miqué had chosen
Paris for the stage of his plot,
I even tried to get a French
copy, though without any suc-
cess. Furthermore, there were
rumours, Miqué had left this
earth under similar circum-
stances like the protagonist
of his story. It is therefore
that I decided to publish some
fragments from that remark-
able comic. May you find it
as intriguing as I do. - W.W.